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With a foundation steeped in the world of musical theatre, Grace Martinson has honed her craft, masterfully blending her theatrical training with a soulful and evocative voice. Her performances are more than just songs; they are narratives that draw listeners into a world of emotions and stories.

From the tenderest ballads to the most dynamic and energetic compositions, Grace has the ability to connect with every lyric, every melody, and every beat. Her dedication to the art of storytelling through music is evident in every note she delivers.

Armed with her acoustic guitar, Grace brings an intimate and personal touch to her performances. Regularly gracing the stages of bars and hotels, she effortlessly navigates through decades of musical treasures, crafting memorable evenings filled with timeless hits that span generations. Audiences are treated to a captivating journey through the decades, as Grace weaves her enchanting vocals with the rich melodies of beloved classics.

Grace is more than a solo act; she can be found lending her versatile voice to various projects and genres. Her adaptability shines through as she seamlessly fits into different musical landscapes, currently as backing vocalist to Jeyaia, an upcoming soul artist.

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